Dieci Cement Mixer Trucks

 Dieci Cement Mixer Trucks

The Dieci Truck Mixer is specifically designed for heavy and intensive use.
The models in the range feature a self-locking axle, 2-speed gearbox, hydrostatic transmission, oil-bath disc brakes, and height-adjustable, rotating 180° unloading chute.
The proven design of the spiral blades allows for homogeneous mixing in all sections while the high thickness of steel used for the mixing drum ensures its dimensional stability and long life.
Maneuverability, compact dimensions and agility, combined with the 4-wheel drive, provides better grip, for improved stability and safety.
The cab, already at the top for ergonomics, comfort and safety devices, is ROPS-FOPS approved and equipped with soundproofing, heating, tilt steering wheel and ergonomic seat with suspension.


The cab, which is already top of the range in terms of ergonomics, comfort and safety equipment, is equipped with a reversible driver's seat to facilitate operations and improve precision and quality of execution.


The drum is fitted with a lifting system and a 180° rotation system to facilitate unloading operations.


Unequaled versatility and agility for the automatic single-movement loading system, which prevents material from falling out during the introduction into the drum.

The self-loading shovel allows a total self-sufficiency in the mixture preparation, even in places far from a concrete loading center for refilling.

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