Dieci Dump Trucks

Dieci Dump Trucks South Africa

The Dieci dumpers are versatile, easy to handle, lightweight and easy to handle vehicles, with increasing load capacity.
Each model has specific characteristics, especially designed for every work requirement.
Ideal vehicles for handling materials on construction sites or in industrial environments. DP DIECI is one of the large models of the series.
This vehicle is featured by great power and capacity, specifically designed for heavy industry.
To be able to move easily within construction sites, the vehicle is equipped with freely selectable steering either on the 4 wheels, transverse, or only on 2 wheels. The cab, already at the top for ergonomics, comfort and safety devices, is ROPS-FOPS approved and equipped with reversible driver’s seat.


Dieci Dumpers are specifically designed for heavy and intensive use. All-wheel drive ensures stability and control of the vehicle in every construction site. Ideal for handling materials on rough and uneven terrain.


The cab, which is already top of the range in terms of ergonomics, comfort and safety equipment, is equipped with a reversible driver's seat to facilitate operations and improve precision and quality of execution.