Construction & Mining

The construction telehandler is a vehicle used to handle, transport and lift both loads and people. The telehandler can be defined as fixed or rotary depending on whether or not it equipped with a rotating turret.

The telehandler is a very versatile vehicle that can replace forklift trucks, aerial platforms (PLE) and cranes in the construction sector.
Compared to forklift trucks, it has the ability to reach higher and further thanks to the telescopic boom, it has greater visibility given by the lateral positioning of the boom and guarantees accessibility on rough terrain.

Dieci construction telehandlers
If equipped with a man basket, a telehandler can easily act as an aerial platform, also guaranteeing greater stability, load capacity, and work platform dimensions that can reach up to 6m. If equipped with a lifting hook or winch it can, in many situations, replace the crane. Furthermore, equipped with a bucket it is suitable for handling aggregates on the ground.
A telehandler, therefore, is a vehicle suitable for performing multiple jobsrobust and easily maneuverable even in confined spaces thanks to the 2 steering axles.

Mining telehandlers
The wide range of Dieci telehandlers also allows to choose the best vehicle suited to the needs of each individual construction site. The personnel is immediately operational thanks to the easy and intuitive use of the vehicle and its high level of security ensures them to work in safe conditions.

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