The agricultural telehandler is a working vehicle that facilitates transport, lifting and positioning of both light and heavy loads thanks to the presence of a hydraulically operated telescopic boom.
Unlike normal tractors with front lifting, it can be used to handle loads even in small spaces thanks to 2 steering axles.

Dieci Mini Agri 25.6 telehandler south africa

Thanks to the telescopic boom it is possible to reach greater heights and distances, for example it is possible to easily load very large dumpers, or stack round bales in columns of 5 or 6 levels without difficulty.  Furthermore, the characteristic side boom greatly increases visibility during work compared to a normal tractors with front lifting.

Dieci Samson 45.8 telehandler handling bulk fertilizer bags
The great advantage of telehandlers is that they can perform various jobs using the same vehicle: their peculiarity is their versatility. A telehandler can be equipped with different equipment and accessories for specific tasks: forks, buckets, forks with needles, clamp for big bales, lifting hooks, etc. This makes it a unique and irreplaceable vehicle for the best management of work cycles and labor in any farm.

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