Dieci Samson 75.10 Telehandler

The Dieci Samson 75.10 telehandler is a mid-sized telehandler with a lifting capacity of 7200kg without stabilizers and 7500kg with stabilizers. This telescopic forklift is also fitted with a 10m boom.

Dieci Samson 75.10 telehandler

One of the most impressive features of the Dieci Samson 75.10 is the maximum lifting capacity through out the entire lifting and extension range.

Dieci Samson 75.10 without stabilizers:

  • 2000kg at 5,40m from the front wheels and up to 28°
  • 3800kg at 9,65m from the ground and down to 50°
  • 7200kg at 7,20m from the ground and down to 45°
  • 3400kg at 3,50m from the front wheels

Dieci Samson 75.10 loadchart

The Dieci Samson 75.10 telehandler is powered by a 93kW FPT mechanical injection diesel engine and is delivered as standard with the following features:

  • SAHR brake on both axles
  • E-Stop on dash
  • Reversible radiator fan
  • Brake system pressure gauge
  • Dead-man switch on joystick
  • Frame leveling device
  • Aircon
  • Front window guard

Dieci Samson 75.10 telehandler

Download the spec sheet here - Dieci Samson 75.10

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