Dieci Agri Plus 40.7 PS EVOII

Agri telehandlers south africa

The Dieci Agri Plus 40.7 is our flagship agri telehandler with a specific vocation for heavy and intensive use.

Telehandlers South Africa

This telehandler is powered with a FPT engine which produces 93 kW | 125 HP at 2200 rpm and 510 Nm at 1400 rpm. The engine is fitted with a direct mechanical injection pump and complies to Stage IIIA/Tier 3 emissions standards, this makes the diesel system easier and cheaper to maintain. Air is forced into the engine with assistance of a turbocharger which is also after-cooled.

Dieci telehandlers south africa

The machine is fitted standard with dual hydraulic driven reversible fans, this system is activated from the cabin and assist with cleaning a blocked radiator.

Dieci agri telehandlers

Traction on the wheels are in a constant 4x4 state which allows the machine to navigate almost any terrain.

Dieci 40.7

The drive train consists of a 6 speed DANA torque converter transmission and two SPICER steering axles. Long distances between farms and sites are covered quickly thanks to the maximum allowed travelling speed of 40 km/h. The steering axles can easily be switched between three steering modes which includes, two wheel steering, four wheel steering and crab steering.

Dieci Agri Plus 40.7

Operator fatigue is minimized thanks to premium cabin comforts and ergonomics. Standard features include a pneumatic suspension seat, sun visors and air-conditioning. The direction selection switch is also integrated into the hydraulic movements joystick.

Dieci South Africa

The 180 liters per minute hydraulic system of the Dieci 40.7 allows for ultra fast movements. Boom extension is completed in 5,5 seconds and retraction in 3,3 seconds. Traveling at high speeds with loads can be done safely thanks to the hydraulic boom suspension system which keeps the boom position level when the machine travels over bumps and uneven surfaces.

Agri telehandlers south africa

Standard Configuration and Equipment

  • Dual Reversible Radiator Fan
  • Forks
  • Air Conditioner
  • Pneumatic Suspension Seat
  • Dual Hydraulic Sockets at the Front
  • Dual Hydraulic Sockets at the Back
  • Continuous Hydraulic Flow on Hydraulic Sockets 
  • 20 ton Towing Hook
  • Boom Suspension System
  • Electric Socket for Trailer


Agri telehandlers south africa

Dieci Agri Plus telehandler

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