Uis Tin Mine Dieci Pegasus 50.19 Delivery

It was an exiting day at the Uis Tin Mine as they took delivery of a Dieci Pegasus 50.19 rotating telehandler.

Dieci Pegasus roto telehandler

AfriTin Mining's Uis Tin Mine is situated just outside Uis which is a settlement located in Erongo Region, Namibia.

Uis Tin Mine

Uis Tin Mine

The Dieci Pegasus 50.19 rotating telehandler features a 360° continuous rotation turret platform, this gives the machine an operational area of up to 844m² from a single stationary point when using forks.

Dieci Pegasus range

This Dieci model has a maximum lifting capacity of 5000kg, vertical reach of 18,7m and horizontal reach of 16,4m. The Dieci Pegasus can lift 3000kg up to the maximum height of 18,7m.

Dieci Pegasus telehandler

Another useful feature of the Dieci is the automatic self leveling on the stabilizers, this saves the operator a lot of time when working on uneven ground without the need to lower each stabilizer separately until the telehandler is level.

Dieci Pegasus 50.19 load chart

The Dieci Pegasus 50.19 was delivered with Forks, 5000kg Jib with Swivel Hook and a Trilateral Man Basket with Controls. The basket can swivel 180°.

Dieci Pegasus 50.19 telehandler with Man Basket

The Pegasus range also features a colour display which assists the operator with all the vital information at a central point. The display also indicates:

  • turret rotation degrees
  • extension length
  • boom inclination degrees
  • height of load from ground
  • distance of load from the center of the machine
  • current transported weight
  • maximum weight that can be transported according to the equipment installed and to the position of the vehicle
  • stabilizer status
Dieci onboard color display

For more detailed information on the Pegasus range, please download the catalog with this link - Dieci Pegasus Range 


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