Petra Diamonds Dieci Samson 45.8 Mine Spec Telehandler Delivery

We are extremely proud to announce that we recently delivered two new Dieci Samson 45.8 Mine Spec telehandlers to Petra Diamond's Cullinan Diamond Mine.

Dieci telehandlers are manufactured in Italy by Dieci Srl, Dieci Srl was established in 1962.

made in Italy

Dieci Samson 45.8 Mine Spec Telehandler

These mine spec telehandlers will be working permanently underground and have received upgrades and changes from the standard model to be compliant the mining regulations and specifications.

Dieci Samson 45.8 Telehandler South Africa

Stand out features of the Dieci Samson 45.8 Mine Spec Telehandler which influenced the buying decision:

  • Budget friendly on Capex
  • Basic mechanical diesel injection system without ECU's and Electronics
  • Minimal electronics on the Machine
  • Maintenance friendly with ample working space for artisans
  • 500 Hour service interval
  • 4500kg lifting capacity
  • 8m boom
  • Hydrostatic transmission with dynamic braking

Dieci Samson 45.8 mine spec telehandler

The two Underground Mine Spec Dieci telehandlers was purchased with additional attachments as well. They were delivered at Cullinan Diamond Mine with Forks, Man Baskets and 4500kg SWL Lifting Jibs.

Dieci Samson 45.8 Telehandler South Africa

Dieci Mine Spec Telehandlers are delivered as standard with the following specifications and equipment:

  • Spring Applied, Hydraulic Released (SAHR) Fail Safe Brakes
  • LED Work Lights
  • LED Marker Lights
  • LED Driving Direction Lights
  • Window and Light Guards
  • Brake System Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
  • E-Stop on Dash
  • Exhaust Purifier with Fume Diluter
  • Lockable Battery Isolator
  • Dead Man Switch on Hydraulic Joystick
  • Dead Man Switch on Seat
  • PDS Ready
  • Speed Limited to Low Range
  • Door Opening Switch to Engage Brakes

Additional and Optional Equipment:

  • Auto Centralized Greasing System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Foam Filled Tyres
  • Camera System
  • CAS 9 Ready

Dieci Samson 45.8 Telehandler

The Dieci Samson 45.8 also features an impressive lifting capacity load chart. This telehandler can lift up to 4500kg in front of the wheels, the 4500kg load can be lifted vertically up to 6000mm and 2000mm horizontally.

2700kg can be lifted and extended vertically up to 7900mm from the ground.

1600kg can be lifted and extended horizontally up to 4450mm from the front wheels. 

Dieci Samson 45.8 load chart



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