PCZM Dieci Samson 75.10 Delivery

New delivery of a Dieci Samson 75.10 underground mine spec telehandler at the Prieska Copper Zinc Mine near Copperton in the Northen Cape.

Dieci Samson 75.10 telehandler South Africa

This heavy capacity telehandler can lift 7200kg in front of the wheels and features an all round robust and very useful load chart.

dieci samson 75.10 telehandler load chart

The Dieci Samson 75.10 telehandler is fitted with 93kW FPT mechanical diesel injection engine and is driven hydro-statically with Spicer steering axles.

Dieci telehandlers south africa

As standard the Dieci Samson 75.10 is delivered with these factory fitted features:

  • Rear-view Camera System
  • Reversible Radiator Fan (Hydraulic Driven)
  • SAHR Emergency Brakes
  • E-Stop on Dash
  • Battery Lock-out Switch
  • Front Window Guard
  • 6x LED Work Lights
  • Automatic Park Brake 
  • Self-cleaning Air Pre-filter
  • 1200mm Floating Forks

 Prieska Copper Zinc Mine


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