Impala Platinum Mine Spec Delivery

Impala Platinum, which is one of the largest PGM mining companies in the world, recently took delivery of their very first mine spec Dieci telehandler. It is also their first Dieci telehandler.

Mine Spec Telehandler South Africa

They received a new Dieci Samson 45.8 mine spec telehandler. This telescopic forklift has a maximum lifting capacity of 4500kg and a maximum lifting height of 8m. This machine is powered by a 93kW FPT engine, this engine features a simplistic mechanical injection system.

Mine spec telehandler south africa

This mine spec telehandler is fully compliant with the Mine Health and Safety act and features Spring Applied Hydraulic Released (SAHR) brakes on both axles. The axles are manufactured by DANA/Spicer.

The Dieci Samson 45.8 also features a hydrostatic transmission by Bosch Rexroth, this type of transmission acts as separate dynamic braking system. 

Dieci Samson 45.8 mine spec

Standard Features, Mine Spec telehandlers:

• Steel Window Guards

• Battery Lockout

• Brake System Pressure Gauge

• Mechanical Gauges for Engine Vitals

• SAHR Brake on Both Axles

• E-Stop on Dash

• Stop Blocks

• 9kg Fire Extinguisher

• Neutral and Brake Engaged by Seat Switch & Door Switch

• Dead-man Switch on Joystick

• Starting Only with Driver Onboard

• AMS Engine Protection System

• LED Spotlights and LED Marker Lights

• Exhaust Purifier and Diluter

Optional Extras (Not limited):

• Foam Filled Tyres

• Centralized Greasing

• Fire Suppression Systems

• Camera Systems

• Plug and Play Electrical Harness

• Fast Fill Systems

Mine spec telescopic forklift

Dieci models available for mine spec conversions:

Telehandlers - Samson 45.8 (4500kg) & Samson 75.10 (7200kg)

Dumpers - Dumper 4200 (8000kg) & Dumper 7000 (12000kg)

Mixers - 4700 (3,5m³) & 7000 (5,0m³)

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The machine looks good and looks well prepared.

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