Telehandlers for Mining

Versatility and operational flexibility are the main characteristics of Dieci telehandlers and of its other construction vehicles, thanks to the adoption of special technological expedients and quality components, they are perfect as they guarantee extreme performance as required for works in mines and quarries.

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With the wide range of telehandlers you will always have the right vehicle to perform maintenance work on conveyor belts, chain devices, ventilation systems, etc. The self-leveling outriggers installed on some telehandler models are ideal for rocky sides consolidation work. Furthermore, the additional ventilation filters, added to the cab, prevent the operator from breathing potentially harmful substances.

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Designed expressly for mine work, the giant dumpers allow loads up to 8 m³ and are absolutely unique for their strength and manageability. Like the other special vehicles of the Dieci line dedicated to “tunneling“, created from the experience and the specific needs of this sector, these can be “explosion-proof” certified, to operate underground.

Dieci hercules telehandler
As regards open-cast mine, we have specific vehicles and equipment for every type of operation: cylinder maintenance, pipe handling for piling, transport and loading of marble slabs, and much more.

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