Man Baskets and Telehandlers

SANS 583:2015

Non-integrated work platforms for occasional use (non-routine tasks not associated with planned maintenance or production) on lift trucks.


Lift trucks, excluding high lift order pickers, are intended for lifting materials and not persons. However, they can be used with working platforms to allow persons to work at height. It is generally accepted that, in conjunction with a lift truck, an integrated working platform provides a higher level of safety than a non-integrated type.

Dieci Pegasus rotating telehandler

Non-integrated working platforms is defined as basket or cage attachments for use in conjunction with lift trucks to elevate persons so they can work at a height but that do not have controls in the platform that allow a person in the platform to control the lift height of the platform or move the truck, i.e., all truck and working platform movements are controlled by the truck operator.

Telehandler with man basket

Generally, non-integrated work platforms do not provide as high a level of safety as purpose built access equipment. Consequently, lift trucks fitted with non-integrated work platforms are not suitable for order picking, routine maintenance or the transfer of goods or persons.

Routine or planned tasks, particularly those associated with production or pre-planned activities, such as periodic maintenance or stocktaking, are not exceptional circumstances and are thus not examples of occasional use.

Telehandler with man cage

Non-integrated work platforms may not be used on telehandlers that can lift to a nominal height greater than 6 m.

Man cages for telehandlers

All Dieci telehandlers can be equipped with integrated work platforms (man baskets) in compliance with SANS 583:2015. In addition to the compliance as an integrated personnel cage the Dieci telehandlers has additional safety features.

  • Dedicated Load Cell in the Basket
  • Proximity Sensors on Safety Locks between the Telehandler and Aerial Work Platform
  • Reduced Boom Speed when the Work Platform is attached
  • Transmission is disengaged when the Man Cage is attached
  • Emergency Boom Recovery System

Dieci Telehandler with Work Platform

These features transforms the Standard Dieci Telehandler into an Mobile Elevated Work Platform allowing for safe working at heights procedures.

Telehandlers with Aerial Work Platforms

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