Construction works

Whether for new constructions, roofs, coverings or renovations and restorations, the telehandler is an essential vehicle for modern construction.
Dieci telehandlers, given the flexibility of the range, are often used in this sector for their strength and ease of use in different environments and situations. With a capacity in height ranging from 5.78 m to 30 m and a load capacity ranging from 2,500 kg to 23,000 kg they are able to meet the most varied lifting and handling needs.
Thanks to the available accessories (forks, buckets, lifting hooks, baskets, winches, jib crane with hook) the telehandler can act as a forklift, aerial platform or crane and can easily handle aggregates such as gravel, earth and bricks.
The safety systems that prevent errors and the simplicity of use are very appreciated features in the construction sector, in fact often the equipment is used by different work teams that must be able to operate the vehicle in the best way in a very short time and in total security.

Construction telehandlers

Assembly of large structures and construction of plants

A construction telehandler can easily be used even in construction works that are not strictly related to building, such as the construction of large temporary structures (stands for events, stages for concerts, stands for events, fun fairs, etc.) or for assembling large renewable energy plants, such as photovoltaic panel fields or wind farms.
The handling of large wind turbine blades, for example, is difficult and very delicate: it is necessary to hook and lift the blades at their center of gravity to move them from the storage areas to the delegated sites; this operation is carried out in complete safety by Dieci telehandlers thanks to different control devices that allow to manage a great lifting power with great precision.
Moreover, the possibility of working easily even on steep terrain or in confined spaces make these vehicles ideal for those companies that have to work in very different sites for their morphological conformation or to install structures in residential areas.
Without forgetting that a construction telehandler can be equipped with various accessories (forks, buckets, lifting hooks, man baskets, material baskets, winches, jib cranes with hooks) that make it a multi-purpose vehicle.

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The Dieci construction vehicles and telehandlers have always been indispensable for work inside the tunnels, in addition to the strength and high safety standards the special vehicles of the “tunneling” line can become “explosion proof” and obtain all the certifications necessary to carry out tunnel operations.
Special equipment such as centring handlers and gallery baskets have been developed over the years upon specific customer requests, always in compliance with the regulations in force, making possible and safe some works that in the past were dangerous.
construction telehandlers

Mines and quarries

Versatility and operational flexibility are the main characteristics of Dieci telehandlers and of its other construction vehicles, thanks to the adoption of special technological expedients and quality components, they are perfect as they guarantee extreme performance as required for works in underground mines and quarries.
With the wide range of rotary telehandlers you will always have the right vehicle to perform maintenance work on conveyor belts, chain devices, ventilation systems, etc. The self-leveling outriggers installed on some telehandler models are ideal for rocky sides consolidation work. Furthermore, the additional ventilation filters, added to the cab, prevent the operator from breathing potentially harmful substances.
Designed expressly for mine work, the giant dumpers allow loads up to 8 m³ and are absolutely unique for their strength and manageability. Like the other special vehicles of the Dieci line dedicated to “tunneling, created from the experience and the specific needs of this sector, these can be “explosion-proof” certified, to operate underground.
As regards open-cast mine, we have specific vehicles and equipment for every type of operation: cylinder maintenance, pipe handling for piling, transport and loading of marble slabs, and much more.

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Logistics, ports and airports

When it comes to handling there is no better vehicle than a Dieci telehandler! And if we talk about handling we cannot not mention the logistics sector.
The reasons for choosing a Dieci telehandler are many: safety systems, great visibility from the cab during transport, low noise level, ease of use, all-wheel drive for the winter months and the northern longitudes, cab comfort, joystick precision, compactness and agility of the vehicle. The logistics sector has special needs in terms of load capacity and the possibility of maneuvering it: large loads in spaces, often narrow, that have to be moved frequently.
The wide Dieci range comes to our aid, with load capacities ranging from 2,500 kg to 23,000 kg and height capacities up to 30 m, it is certainly possible to find the ideal vehicle for any specific handling requirement.
For the same reasons, our telehandlers are also used in ports and airports in operations such as airplanes handling for periodic maintenance, or transport of the material that must be embarked from the various depots to the dock.
In these situations the many accessories are very appreciated (forks, buckets, lifting hooks, man baskets, material baskets, winches, jib cranes with hook) that make the telehandler a multi-purpose vehicle able to provide also for the maintenance needs of these facilities.

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