Cereal storage and distribution

The Dieci agricultural telehandler is particularly suitable to handle large quantities of cereals, transport them and store them in silos. Equipped with a bucket for light materials, the Dieci telehandler can easily heap, move and organize mountains of cereals, wheat, barley, triticale, rye, oats, corn, etc.
Thanks to the telescopic boom it can reach considerable heights and distances, it is able to exploit all the height available in the warehouse, to fill silos or load very large trucks without difficulty.
Moreover, thanks to a wide range it is possible to find the telehandler that best meets specific lifting and power requirements.
Particularly suitable for handling cereals

Agriculture telehandler south africa


The definition of polyculture is an activity that requires different tools to carry out different activities.
Handle fodder, clean a stable, load crates for picking fruit or vegetables, fill, transport, lift, arrange, hook, lift with a fork, tow, all operations that a Dieci telehandler can easily perform thanks to a wide range of accessories and to the possibility of choosing power, capacity, lifting capacity and telescopic boom length adapted to the needs of the individual company.  This vehicle is so versatile that using it optimizes production cycles making the best use of labor time.

Poultry telehandlers


There are many uses for the Dieci telehandler in cattle farms.
It is very convenient to have in your farm a vehicle that simply changing its accessories can carry out so many different jobs: front bucket for feeding livestock and cleaning stables, fork with needles or clamp for big bales to move bales of hay, forks to move heavy loads.
Telehandlers are often also used in poultry farms to clean up chicken houses from manure, stock it and reuse it, afterwards, as a fertilizer.
The Dieci range allows each breeder to choose the most suitable vehicle for his company, either if it is small, medium or large.
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Horticulture and Nurseries

Thanks to their versatility, maneuverability and power, telehandlers are used in horticulture and nurseries. Compact and powerful, Dieci telehandlers are often used for their versatility to carry out different jobs such as harvesting and storing vegetables, handling loads, for example large pots, fertilizer and plants in tight and difficult environments, and for the convenience of being able to use multi-purpose equipment in rapid succession (winches, lifting hooks, clamps of various types, excavation and aggregate buckets, etc.).
Even the company’s maintenance operations are now fully delegated to agricultural telehandlers.
Agri telehandlers

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